FreeAsteroids: Review and Strategies of the Nostalgic Classic
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FreeAsteroids: Review and Strategies of the Nostalgic Classic

FreeAsteroids is one site where you can relive the old glory of early arcade games without the quarters and without spending thousands on purchasing one of the machines. Nearly an exact replica of the original video game, FreeAsteroids provides hours of entertaining gameplay with a world wide competitive high score board that is updated daily.

Like Pong, PacMan, and Space Invaders, there have been innumerables permutations of the classic Asteroids game. But, if you want to play the original as it was intended to be played, FreeAsteroids offers a no frills, all original version of the game with a high score leader board that is refreshed daily. No, it does not have the handy settings enabling you to start with five lives and alien ships with an intelligence bordering mentally retarded, but it does provide all of the classic, unaltered gameplay.

The objective is simple: shoot lots of Asteroids as quickly as possible to rack up a score as high as possible. Also, you should avoid everything so that your ship isn't destroyed. For this reason, it is a very bad idea to remain perfectly still in the middle of the screen at all times. While the middle gives you the best reaction time to threats, there are times when the position is untenable. Also, unless your targeting skills border the edge of precognitive, you'll have a hard time taking out the small alien ship without moving or being killed (worth 1000 points, if you were curious). The smaller ships have longer range guns, move faster, and rarely miss you unless you're moving. To thrust, simply point your nose where you want to go and press the up arrow key.

Don't waste too much time with precision; your ammunition is unlimited and your weapon never overheats. Also, the small asteroids may be harder to hit, but they are much less likely to hit you than the large asteroids. Therefore, you should trying reducing the larger asteroids as quickly as possible while still keeping an eye on approaching threats.

The zone of vulnerability of your ship isn't perfectly oriented on its outline (translation: an asteroid thaat never technically touches you can still kill you). However, this zone is somewhat oblong, so you can improve (or worsen) your position by gyrating in the appropriate direction.

Extra lives are awarded every 10000 points, so try to avoid death as much as possible.

There are subtle differences between this and the original incarnation of Asteroids that suggest reprogramming may have occurred: the aforementioned lack of difficulty settings, the inability of the ships to target you when you move past the edge of the screen, and the fact that asteroid motion on detonation seems more randomized than before, when asteroids generally followed conservation of momentum after combustion. Enjoy!

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