Rasterwerks: An Awesome and Free First Person Shooter
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Rasterwerks: An Awesome and Free First Person Shooter

Rasterwerks is a little known free first person shooter (FPS) that everyone needs to know about for those boring times at work.

The Internet is full of mediocre, dull, boring, half-thought out games. This is because the net makes money through quantity, not necessarily quality. Websites like Kongregate Games, Addicting Games, Tower Defence, and many more offer borderline fun online entertainment that is "free" as long as you can tolerate the obligatory thirty seconds to two minutes of internet ads before you play each game.

What's the point? Every now and then, you find a gem. In this case, the gem is Rasterwerks, an intensely addictive online first person shooter (FPS) that deserves to be inducted into the league of epic first person shooter style games like 007 GoldenEye (Nintendo 64), HALO (Xbox and Xbox 360), and even Call of Duty. The intuitive programming style behind the game lends for a fun, addictive experience. The best part is that the game is completely free! You do not even have to wait for ads to pass. Simply point your browser to Rasterwerks.com and ensure you have the correct software, and you're in.

What you have just entered is a three dimensional multiplayer realm with up to seven opponents. Like HALO, it is competitively styled to see who can get the most kills (or "frags"). Being killed doesn't count against you, but it helps the other players rack up their score. Therefore, it's in your best interest to survive as long as possible.

Rasterwerks has about 5 or 6 zones within the level that allow different hiding places. In each, a different weapon reigns supreme. For example, there is an overlook point with a gun slit just made for a sniping post. There are four different weapons: a Machine Gun, a Sniper Rifle, a Pulse Shooter, and a Rocket Launcher. Each has its strengths, and these are very familiar to veteran FPS players: the sniper rifle can zoom with a scope, the rocket has a good blast radius, the machine gun is inaccurate but random with a high rate of fire, and the pulse weapon has powerful rounds. Amateurs can probably do the most damage with the Machine Gun.

Rasterwerks appears to be in the programming process. There are many options ripe for expansion such as multiple maps and different game types. Notwithstanding, there is a great deal of customization available. Players can choose the quantity and caliber of robots they are facing. The multiplayer functionality also appears to allow for hosted multiplayer games instead of simply robots. But whatever the case, this enigmatic and brilliantly engineered FPS deserves credit as the best free First Person Shooter on the Internet!

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