The Best Worksafe Internet Timewasters
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The Best Worksafe Internet Timewasters

This is a short list of some of the most fun but clean time-wasters on the web.
If you're like most people lately, you've had jobs where you spend a lot of time in front of a computer. If you're anything like me, these jobs have had a lot of 'down time' and bored you to tears. Even if you *are* allowed to go online at work, you have to be careful which websites or search engines you use; some searches for perfectly harmless people or things can turn up some rather questionable links!  Lucky for me, I've been able to justify spending at least some time out of each day online doing absolutely nothing, but looking busy. Lucky for you, I've found some very interesting and completely useless websites that can help you waste your time *and* keep your job without being bored out of your skull.   

Sporcle ( For you trivia geeks out there, this site has short 'quizzes' on basically any topic you can think of. From sports to entertainment to completely random silliness, there's something for you. Just to give you an idea as to what's there, there are quizzes about naming Marvel comics, countries in Africa (particularly challenging), most common English words or how many states you can name in a minute. You can also submit your own quiz if you like; I submitted one where you connect a religion to its founder or deity. I'm sure we all have these huge banks of useless knowledge floating around, but here you can have fun putting them to use.  They're usually timed, so you don't have to spend a lot of time in one place. 

Drew Curtis' ( Here you'll find user-submitted links to articles and current headlines, all delivered in a snarky tone. The comment threads are usually even funnier than the articles, but it's all in good fun. For the 'artists' out there, there are often threads with an opening picture inviting users to post their best Photo-shop responses!  I don't know about you, but I find it quite funny to see Ronald McDonald being chased down by won't find *that* picture on the Happy Meal box!  My husband and our friends seem to always be talking about something related to this site! The vast majority of the articles and pictures you'll find here are entertaining but work-safe, but there are labels identifying those that aren't. ( I mentioned this site in a previous Factoidz article,  but I think it's worth also mentioning here.  It's a way to perform entertaining philanthropy from your desk. They have all sorts of quizzes, usually in a multiple-choice format. Since I've always been kind of a geography buff, one of my favorites is the one where you identify countries on a map.  There are language quizzes in French, Spanish, Italian and German, as well as English grammar and the elements on the periodic table.  Chemistry always seemed like a foreign language to me anyway. There's even a category for naming famous paintings! The vocabulary quizzes have been a good way for me to brush up on the Spanish and French I took in high school and college. I took seven years of French and three of Spanish, but I'm not very good with speaking. As such, I haven't had much of an opportunity to put these classes to good use. At least now I can, and be helping people in the process. I'm still pretty awful about remembering the elements on the periodic table, though.

These are some of my favorite fun websites that won't lead you down a bad path of clicks. I'm not saying that your boss won't get upset if you're playing online when you should be working, but at least with these sites you won't have to worry about coming across anything obscene or objectionable. Now you have a safe way to kill any free time after writing those boring sales reports. Enjoy!

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Comments (1)

Nice one! I'm going to use some of those at school when I have digital and have nothing to do because the teacher just tells us to do things that are non-educational and non-productive anyway =D