Where is Clan Wars in Runescape 2011
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Where is Clan Wars in Runescape 2011

this document will tel you the location of clan wars and also some facts about it

Now here are some of the facts and location of clan wars in runescape in 2011. Firstly I would tell you some of the basic features of clan wars and what it is good for!

Clan wars is a place (actually dungeon) where you can train your combat. At the time of my last visit there were 2 portals to get inside clan wars. One of them of white colure and the other was of red colour. If you right click on the white–coloured portal you will get to option as “enter free-for-all(safe)”and the other as you might know “cancel”. The first option means that if you die fighting there you would not loose the items in your inventory but the problem there is that because area is safe the population is less. And if we talk about the other portal that is the red-coloured portal again if you right click you’ll get 2 options but this time the first option will be “free-for-all (dangerous)” this means opposite to the one in the white portal i.e. if you die fighting there you will loose some or all of the items in your inventory and the other, as usual, will be “cancel”. now about its location, to get there you first need to go to falador north gate then go east to it as indicated on the map until you reach to a cave its name will be”gamers’ grotto” climb down in it then go straight forward until you reach to a place having 2 or 3 portals and then as I told you select the portal you want to go in (white or red)!

That was the use for one alone but the place’s name defines the actual use of the place that is it is the place where there’s fight between clans and that is why team capes were made in runescape so that a whole team wears the same team cape and one team member doesn’t attack anyone of his/her own team. Clan wars has migrated from another place to here that’s why most of the people didn’t know the new location of clan wars. To know more about clan wars or any other ting related to runescape you can visit www.runescape.com forums but if you want to get your questions answered by a real person then you can write your questions about runescape to me at


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